Access Control For Gym Security

Securing your Gym


If there’s two things that gyms are known for, it’s promoting healthy bodies and for containing some serious exercise equipment. Whether you manage your own gym that’s kitted out with the latest cardio machinery, or if your gym is better suited to weight training and muscle gain; the bottom line is that you’ll want to protect your contents from loss and theft at all costs. So how can you properly secure your equipment and keep it safe from thieves and other criminals? Well that’s where a personalized gym security system can come in very handy.


Gym security installations aren’t that different from their home security equivalents, but they’ll often be much more extensive and involve a greater range of equipment. For example, where a home security system may include movement sensors and unpermitted entry detectors, gym security systems will contain both of those, as well as CCTV surveillance cameras, emergency systems, access controls and much more. Depending on the type of gym that you run will dictate the type of security that you’ll need. For example, if your gym operates for 12 hours a day and then closes, you’ll want to ensure that you have intruder alarms, CCTV cameras and possibly even a remote monitoring system in place during both open and closed time periods.


With a combination of these different types of security systems, you can be sure to stay on top of all of your access points, whilst being in a position to alert the authorities should anything untoward occur. Gyms contain some of the most expensive exercise equipment available and as a result, thieves and burglars will often try to steal them with the intention of selling them on. Keeping a CCTV system fully operational won’t just act as a deterrent, it will also provide valuable evidence should the worst happen.


One of the biggest benefits of installing a gym security system is that they can often be directly linked to police headquarters or at the very least the security brand’s own monitoring system. This means that if anything was to occur, then either the authorities or the security company would be made aware and can alert you or respond to the event accordingly. After recent studies, it was discovered that a working CCTV system is enough to deter up to 25% more potential criminals alone, so it’s only logical that the percentage would increase if you were to install further measures such as tailgating systems and access control systems.


These types of systems are ideal for gyms as individuals hoping to gain access to your location will have to insert their unique card or security pin and even if these details were to get in to the wrong hands, all data can be easily recorded and monitored for that extra angle of security too.