internet browsersList of best Internet browsers

A browser is any software that you use in order to view web pages. If you’re still stuck with Internet Explorer to browse your favorite websites then you’re really missing out on a great browsing experience by not using the best internet browsers. There are tons of browsers that are available online and most of them are free. Browse the list below for the best internet browsers that you could try.

Here is a comprehensive list of web browsers, it is important if you are using an SEO web design agency to build your website that you ensure they develop your site to be compatible with all browsers

Mozilla Firefox: Free to download and an open source web browser created for Microsoft, Mac and Linux. This browser utilizes the Gecko layout engine to show different web pages. It is considered as one of the most popular best internet browsers online. The amazing thing about Firefox is that you can use tons of add-ons and plugins with it – this makes it as one of the best choices for online professionals.

Chrome: Google Chrome is a free to download web browser developed by Google that utilizes the Webkit layout engine which runs faster compared to Firefox’s. That fact that it doesn’t use up a lot of internal memory when browsing web pages making it the preferred browser for netbooks. Chrome has tremendously gained popularity among its users as it can easily work on any operating system.peacekeeper

Opera: Developed by Opera software and has more than 270 million users worldwide – Opera is one of the best internet browsers for years. This browser enables you to easily receive emails, manage your contacts, view web pages and download files. It streams videos a lot faster compared to other best internet browsers.

SRWare Iron: Considered as one of the top best internet browsers today – is an open source web browser made by the use of the Chromium source code developed in order to disable usage tracking and other Chrome functionality that compromises privacy. It has an ad blocking feature that distinguishes it from other browsers.

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