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What Can SEO & Social Media do for a Business?

With more than three billion people now enjoying access to no fewer than one billion websites across the globe, it’s no wonder why the internet has been deemed the biggest market to ever exist, and in 2017 social media must play a strategic role in your branding . Businesses from all industries and niches rely on the World Wide Web to promote their services and a whopping percentage of these rely on publicity and marketing, as afforded by social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

Social Media Branding

Over the past decade, one particular platform has experienced an incredible growth, the likes of which dwarfs all of the aforementioned services – and that is Google’s search engine optimisation results. These global search giants dominate their respective market, so it’s no wonder why so many companies are turning to them in the hopes of publicising their services.

Some people pay via AdWords and similar programs, but the most intuitive of company owners are realising that these features are only ever as effective as they are able to afford. With so many companies paying thousands for these types of services, only to realise too late that their efforts were for nothing, it’s not uncommon to hear that CEOs are instead turning to a more viable option; that of search engine optimisation.

How does SEO help?

Promoting a business with SEO isn’t a new activity, but it is one that has been subject to extensive change over the past few years. These days, a search engine will want to try its bets to ensure that all results are as organic as possible – and this is where an SEO expert comes into the fray. Using advanced techniques they will be able to propel a website into a more prominent position, offering the site’s owner a substantial opportunity to enjoy a broader amount of traffic, which can lead to conversions.

Considering that most people will rely on search engines to find what it is they are looking for online and to check on a companies social media reviews and branding, ranking highly within a particular niche can yield incredible results. This form of promotion experiences thousands of searches a second. When compared to the more mundane alternative of placing ads on social media sites, the potential to reach an incredibly vast and diverse audience is second to none.

With the right techniques, a little investment and some patience, a company in any niche could soon experience a rapid climb within search results – and one that will offer a substantial reward. As soon as a site is able to appear prominently within results pages, they will undoubtedly experience a higher volume of traffic. As long as the layout and on-page content is up to the job, these visitors could soon become paying customers – and this is something that all companies can appreciate.